Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Top 5 celebs I'd like to have a Rootbeer with!!

The title is actually 'Top 5 celebs I'd like to have a beer with' but I'm teetotal, so I feel it's appropriate to amend it slightly.
What a great night it would be if I could round up my top five and take them to a lovely Devon pub for an evening. Who would you take?

Well, without a hesitation or second thought my number 1 would be, the glorious Dawn French. What an intelligent, funny and all round great person Dawn is. Invitation would be in the post pronto.

2nd would be Richard Armitage. He wouldn't even need to speak, just sit there and look smouldering. I'm sure he would have fabulous tales to tell about his various roles. I would ask him to say "Look back. Look back at me."

3rd Phillip Schofield who is lovely and would be a laugh too.

4th is Stephen Fry  for his all round intelligence and funny anecdotes.

5th is Miranda Hart who is another brilliant, funny and intelligent woman, who would be fun to spend time with.
I think all in all the evening would be a mix of laughter and lust. What Fun!!


  1. Great list although Dawn has started to irritate me recently and not sure why exactly. I had @Schofe too

  2. As an American, my list would differ but it would definitely include Richard Armitage! He's so dreamy, he would foam my rootbeer! ;)


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