Tuesday, 12 February 2013

What Do These Have In Common - Samsung, Hyundai, Pashley?

A few weeks ago, our son Matt had a frantic worry. He had left his class quickly and as he ran down 16 flights of stairs, he had the feeling that he needed to check his backpack.
When he rifled through the backpack he realised that his new Samsung Note was not in it. He ran back up to the classroom, spoke to the student who was now in his seat, but it was not there..
Panicking that it might have been 'found and claimed by the findee', Matt called me and asked me to log on to his laptop...
Apparently there is a function whereby he can, via his McAfee security, log on and lock his device, and also track it and set an alarm off on it.
I was amazed by this, and as a result of these features, he managed to locate and retrieve his Note. How cool is that?!

Last weekend Paul and I went to Essex to look at a car, which he was hoping to buy.
We hired a car for the drive up, because my car had somehow suddenly gone into theft mode, and was being repaired.
We collected the car from our local Enterprise Hire office. We were given a Hyundai i30. It didn't look that special in my view, but it was really rather nice to drive. It was light and very responsive, had good visibility for a short person like me, and it returned an average of 50.2mpg which I thought was extremely good for a 1.6 engine.
Paul and I were chatting about the Samsung event and how great it was that Matt was able to track, lock and alarm it via the internet. We then wondered why there isn't a security feature which allows any person to track, alarm and lock their car in the same way?
If that were available, and let's be honest, there's no reason why it couldn't be...the technology is already in use! Then, there would not be any need for high speed chases by the police, along with expensive helicopter support... a few clicks of the laptop and boom! Car disabled and unable to be driven, whilst tracked so it could be located and returned.

Why is this not being used?

Seriously, how many police man hours could this save?
How many lives could be saved in the process too?
I would subscribe to it in a heartbeat, and so, I expect would thousands of motorists the whole country over.

So, then, I was remembering how devastated my nephew was recently when scumbag/s stole his beloved and long saved for bicycle.  He has no hope of ever retrieving that either, meanwhile the lowlifes who go around stealing other people's property seem to always have the last laugh.
His bike was not a Pashley by the way, but I can't remember the name of it, and I do love Pashleys, so used their name instead.
What if he was also able to track his bike via the internet, and then when appropriate, set off an alarm to locate it?

Why are savvy entrepreneurs not developing this and presenting it to Dragons sitting eagle eyed in their Den?
Can you imagine if hospitals could also track the items which are commonly stolen from their departments too?
Am I missing something, or am I ahead of the curve?

Please do comment and let me know your thoughts, I would very much like to know...