Friday, 21 August 2015

I'll Tell You What I Want, What I Really Really Want.......

I was just having a little search on the Web for a biomass burning stove for our home (just dreaming), and I happened upon a website which when I had a look, blew me away. 
I looked at the videos and the whole site, and I have a severe case of 'I just want one, and NOW!'

I get a real buzz from innovations which are not just amazingly useful to the consumers, but also socially helpful and aware.

The product which I want (and intend to get) is this.....
It's called the Basecamp and is by Biolite.
What is cool about this innovation is that it burns sticks and bits of wood, and from the heat provided for cooking it also generates power to charge your devices via usb.. and has a usb light for when you need it.

How cool is that?!

They also do a lighting system and kettle and a little camping version.

Here's their video on the system and the technology....
I love what this product is and what it can do for so many people around the world. 

Here's the website..
As soon as I get mine, I will review it here. 

**Note** I am in no way affiliated with Biolite, nor do I receive any income or commissions from them. I am an independent and personal blogger.

Duxcoat - my review

A long time ago I was sent a sample of Duxcoat to use and review for the company. I have been using that sample for the last couple of years so that I could give a thorough, well tried and tested review... no half measures here, Oh no... I will go the extra mile to prove something before I give my approval to it.  I have little time or respect for people who don't do things properly.

Duxcoat's product calls itself liquid glass. What the heck is liquid glass? I wondered.

My daughter Chrissy and I experimented together with it and had a great time doing so. We like to do 'geeky' things like this and our husbands mock us a fair bit, but we just can't help ourselves... and if we could run amok in a lab wearing white coatsand looking all scientist like, we'd be even happier.

Along with the product sample I was sent a plain white linen handkerchief which had apparently had the product applied to half of it.
Chrissy and I looked, felt, and sniffed the handkerchief to try and fathom which half of it had been treated. We absolutely couldn't, there was nothing discernibly different in the appearance or feel  at all.
I had a box of Dutch chocolate milk (Chocomel) in my fridge which my son brought back from his recent holiday, and which stains clothing and is nigh on impossible to remove. I poured about quarter of a cup of Chocomel onto the handkerchief, watching eagerly to see what happened. The Chocomel soaked into one half of the hanky and simply rolled over the surface of the treated side and off into the sink. It was incredible to watch.
I rinsed the whole hanky in cold water and was interested to notice that the treated side got wet but not soaking, whereas the untreated side was sopping wet. When it dried, the treated side was clean and the untreated side had a very visible dirty looking stain mark.

Next I thought I'd experiment with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar and the results were the same as before.

Ok then, I wanted to try some items of clothing and take a longer approach to this testing. I took one of my husbands white shirts and sprayed the collar area with Duxcoat. I sprayed Duxcoat on the top front of a brand new top of mine.. I have a tendency to spill and drop food on my tops (it's a family joke about me needing an adult bib!!), embarassing, but true.
It is now two years since applying the product Duxcoat to these garments and I want to show you the photo's of them, so you can see the results.

I have accidentally spilled all sorts of stuff on my top including olive oil which hit both the top and bottom of the white material. The white of my top is still brilliant white where it was treated with Duxcoat, but the bottom which was untreated, still has an olive oil stain, and I have tried everything to remove it but with no success.

The two white shirts are of a similar age and the one on the top was left untreated, but the one below was sprayed with Duxcoat. The difference is very plain to see. The untreated collar is dirty looking and scuffy, whereas the treated collar is much whiter and newer looking.

Our son bought some white Vanns trainers, forgot to spray them with Duxcoat and on the second wearing of them he got a muddy stain on one of the shoes which will not come out. It was an expensive mistake because we know that if he had treated them with Duxcoat, that mark would have easily come out.

I am a complete fan of this product and will keep some of both types (both the fabric one and the hard surface one) at home always.  I can honestly, happily and confidently recommend Duxcoat as a 10/10 product to you.

You can get it here....

The techie bit: Duxcoat is a nano technology and is non toxic and very long lasting and has an immense amount of possible applications.  Cars, windows, wood, stone, ceramic, textiles, caravans, and many many more.
This is what the company say,
Duxcoat works like the lotus plant, no rain or dirt will stick to its leaves as it is protected by Nano structures that create a hydrophobic affect so that water beads and runs off carrying contaminates from the surface.
Nanotechnology can best be considered as a 'catch-all' description of activities at the level of atoms and molecules that have applications in the real world. A nanometre is a billionth of a metre, that is, about 1/80,000 of the diameter of a human hair, or 10 times the diameter of a hydrogen atom’. What does this mean to you?……………
Duxcoat surfaces are extremely easy to clean, have long lasting protection against environmental contamination and pollution Repels water, oil and dirt Provides for clean shiny surfaces Resistant against scratches Transparent and breathable Easy and chemical free cleaning The Nano particles are so small they are invisible to the naked eye there is no alteration to the appearance of the surface of the treated product."

**Note** I am in no way affiliated with Duxcoat, nor do I receive any compensation or commissions from them. This is an independant, personal review.