What I am reading now...

I love to read books, it is a real passion of mine. Is there anything more wondrous than being whisked away into another world by someone else's words and your imagination?

I often have a few books 'on the go' to suit whatever mood I happen to be in.

My son Dan read this and has passed it to me to read. I've only read the first couple of chapters, finding it fascinating so far. 59 Seconds: Think a little, change a lot

I bought this from the second hand bookstore in Newton Abbot market. It's quite a mystery so far, and I like that I'm unable to work it out in advance. Good plot, with interesting characters. The Observations

I like to study something academic too, and I dip in and out of this. 13 Ways of Looking at the Novel

I adore history, especially medieaval history. Richard the third fascinates me, and I tend to think he has been the victim of negative propaganda and spin by successive monarchs since him ie The Tudors. Richard III