Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A new beginning

I decided on a whim, to delete all the previous posts and completely start again with my blog. I want it to be more personal and creative and also to show my faith as well, which I usually say virtually nothing about. I feel that a change is happening within me and I'm going to just go for it.
Paul, Matt and I  spent yesterday at The Spa Hotel, Tunbridge Wells. It's a gorgeous hotel with beautiful grounds and friendly staff. Paul and I were there for some business training, hosted by Keith Bassi, Kenny Liggett and Fran, which was great, we thoroughly enjoyed it. It's always a joy to meet with happy, positive like minded people.
Matt lay in the shade of a huge tree enjoying the new book I had given him - it's the 4th in the Tunnels series. It was incredibly hot even in the shade, which is so unusual for this country.
Once our training was over, we travelled to Lingfield and stayed overnight in the Temple accommodation centre. I love it when we get time to spend together, it is so precious, making valuable happy memories.

This morning Paul and I had the privilege to spend some time working in the Temple, giving service to the Lord whom we love.
 I had a little time to sit quietly and give heartfelt thanks again for prayers answered in that Gwen's cancer has not spread from the bowel. I continue to pray for Gwen's complete recovery and of course, successful surgery very soon.  I also gave some deep thoughts to my parenting and how to best help each of my children, and how to be a better example to them. It was a good time for me.

We had lunch together with Matt, then headed home. It's always great to have time away, but it is also a happy experience to return to our little home. My heart always feels happy when I see the Devon sign and I know we are once again in our beautiful county.

Paul had an appointment to see a potential customer of utility Warehouse this evening, which is encouraging as we are building up a really good business and we can see that it will be relatively soon when he can hand his notice in at the Hospital, and leave a job which he dislikes.
As for me, my motivation for working really hard in the business is very different, but I'm very focused and determined to be successful like Shannon Griffin and Susan McKenzie and Lisa Ware, who are my Utility Warehouse businesswomen inspiration. They are awesome.

Whilst I've been working on my blog I've had the news on the TV and I just want to comment on the upcoming strike on Thursday by Teachers and Civil Servants.  I don't agree with striking on the issue of the pension reforms which the Tory government is having to make. The strikes and violence in Greece is having a very negative effect on their country as their government also needs to implement austerity measures to try and recover their country financially.
It's quite right and fair that the public sector workers should be treated the same as private workers. Equality is important. I just don't understand the strike attitude at all, and my feeling is that they should be grateful they have a job, or they should go and find something else. I do not have patience with the ridiculous, short sighted, selfish attitude. Look at the bigger picture.


  1. Deb, wow what courage to delete your whole blog and start again. And how liberating. I found you on my followers in twitter so came to check you out. I look forward to more of your thoughts and writing. - Rachel

  2. Thanks for those lovely words Rachel. I hope I can post interesting and worthwhile things. x


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