Friday, 19 August 2011

What's In My Handbag?

Do you remember how much fun it was as a little girl to turf out all the contents of your mum/nan/auntie's handbag and have a good old rummage around?
I found it very irritating when Chrissy would do this to my handbag and wind my lipstick right up into the lid squishing it everywhere.
or did you have fun as a little girl filling your own little handbag with all manner of borrowed stuff to feel grown up? My little grandaughter reminded me of this a few days ago when she had, amongst other things, my engagement ring and a variety of utensils from the kitchen cupboard.

Britmums are giving us all the chance to have a little nose into what others are carrying in their handbags, as well as showing what is in our own.

I'm currently using a rather large handbag (I'd really like one that is huge inside and teeny outside, just like the one Hermione Granger uses in the final Harry Potter movie) and there's quite a lot in it....
From left to right: Allways pad, purse, knitting, baggu bag, handcream, mobile phone in case, sunglasses,empty crisp packet, keys, Trago mills receipt, button in plastic bag, two pens, lipstick, safety pin, Utility Warehouse business cards.

Name: Deb
Number of children: 3
Also known as @DevonDeb
Photograph taken 19th August 2011

I usually have a hairbrush and my Filofax in there too, but not today for some reason.

You can nose around other peoples handbags at the What's in your handbag site.


  1. I don't see any fluff, there's always fluff in my bag!

  2. I have a map of Portugal in mine, I live in North Yorkshire????!!! :)

  3. Ha! Love that you listed the Always pad first. Let's just get that outta the way. Fun to see contents of a purse!!


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