Sunday, 28 August 2011

Man drawer!

Have you seen Michael McIntyre's sketch on 'the man drawer'?

Just in case you've never seen it.

I just wondered if my husband is a record breaker for the man drawer, because he has 1 large man drawer, 1 small man drawer, a filing cabinet with a man drawer, a part of the garage which is a man drawer, part of his workshop which is a man drawer, and now.....He's just purchase two, yes two small sheds which will also be man drawers!

And it's always the same when he needs a gadget, gizmo, lead or switch or something.....he spends a day trying to find the blasted thingamabob, and ends up having to go out and buy a new one anyway!

I have to try and clear all the junk by stealth, because dear hubby is tremendously possessive over the most obscure things. He seemingly can't bear to part with anything.

How can I help to rehabilitate my dear heart to clear his drawers and not be a hoarder? Ha Ha Ha that'll be the day!


  1. Everyone needs a man drawer, even me, but that is way too many!!! Good luck!

  2. Let him have his man drawers at least he is then leaving your drawers alone! Lol


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