Saturday, 17 September 2011

Pride and Prejudice

I, like many others, am completely in awe of Jane Austen and her wonderful books. My favourite is Pride and Prejudice with the gorgeous hero Fitzwilliam Darcy. Not even the awful name of Fitzwilliam can put a dampner on my feelings for Darcy.
What is it about Darcy which makes so very many women go all unneccessary?
Cherry Potter wrote in the  Guardian newspaper 'Why do women fall for Mr Darcy'
Lady T makes an entertaining and intelligent insight into why women fall for Mr Darcy here....
For me it's a mixture of the confident man wrestling with the tortured soul, the smouldering looks which hide the desperate desires, the restraint of feelings for propriety, the language, and the costume. I don't know what it is, but I do love those high boots!!

I love the films too, with the Kiera Knightly/Matthew McFadyn coming in at 2nd to the BBC version with Jennifer Ehle/Colin Firth who are the best Elizabeth and Darcy, in my opinion.

Colin Firth is the finest Darcy of them all.

Just as enchanting is the Lost in Austen [DVD] with Jemima Rooper as a thoroughly modern heroine and Elliot Cowan as a smouldering Darcy. Jemima throws a new and sometimes hilarious spin on the original.
A bit more about it here...

I would just love to read the book from the perspective of Darcy, much the same as the Author Stephanie Meyer has begun with Midnight Sun, retelling the Twilight novel through Edward's perspective.
Perhaps someone will take up the challenge and produce a fine fanfiic.

Today I came across the novels by Victoria Connelly The Perfect Hero A Weekend With Mr Darcy Dreaming of Mr. Darcy which have great reviews, so I will be getting my own copies as soon as possible.

It is completely wonderful to be whisked away from everyday life, and immersed into fantasy where there are such men as Darcy to behold. books are just the best.

The annual Jane Austen Festival is something which I would love to go to, and will set as a goal for 2012.
More details here:

How about making a Regency gown and joining in the fun?

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  1. Oh what a conundrum, which film do I love best? I love both, each for their own goodness! Colin Firth was my first love of Mr Darcy and I love that we get six hours of the story in such detail. But oh, Mr Mcfadyn is just as delicious, and I fell in love with the music and those shots of the countryside! How can I choose my favourite? It's like asking which child I love best!


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